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About Us

One of our guests once said to us that we were living their dream life. WOW!  Here's what we really do.

Craig and Kathy Della Penna are both experienced bicyclists who have done extensive touring on rail trails and have stayed at numerous bed & breakfasts on those journeys.

Craig is the Associate Broker at The Murphys Realtors, a local, full-service real estate firm located around the corner from the B&B. Recently, his unique real estate practice was featured in two articles in National Association of Realtors [NAR] trade magazines.


It was also recently mentioned in a Boston Globe editorial, an article in the Wall Street Journal, and in United Airlines in-flight magazine, Hemispheres. 

He specializes in houses near linear parks and greenways and antique or historic houses.

Craig is also the author of five books and of numerous op-ed pieces/guest editorials on the value of rail trail conversions in the context of  smart growth development and residential real estate. In their 10th anniversary issue the Ride Magazine named him as the most effective advocate for bike and rail-to-trail issues on the Eastern Seaboard.  Five books have been written that feature him as a case study in various realms including creative marketing and 21st century branding.


He has given well over 1,200 lectures on these subjects in 21 states and Canadian provinces, and in the past 60 months, he has spoken at major conferences in Virginia, New York, California, Michigan, Missouri, Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hampshire. 

Kathy is a dedicated walker who is out on our trail both morning and night. She recently retired from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts as a Review Examiner. She is also the chief weeder and maintainer of our gardens, the colorist and decorator of our old fixer-upper house. And the one who makes it all possible.

And together we are having just way too much fun. But not sure if we are actually living someone's dream life.  But maybe.   ;  )

Note the large thread spools on our doorway.  There's an interesting story there that we'll be sure to share with you--if you remind us.                                                                                
62 door w spools.jpg
Here's Thelma, our tan Scottish Terrier-ist and Louise our Polydactyl Torty cat.
Thelma by Yoyo.jpg
Louise by Yoyo.jpg
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