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Are you interested in BUYING  or SELLING property near to a rail trail in Massachusetts?

Most of you know me as the rail trail guy, but did you know that I am also a nationally recognized Realtor as well? As the leader of the Trailside Team at The Murphys Realtors in Northampton, Mass, my innovative real estate practice is like the trails themselves, expanding throughout the state.


As these biking and walking trails become increasingly common place, this bike-commuter and family-friendly segment of the real estate market has grown. And thus, as the demand for homes near these non-motorized connections has grown, we are growing too.


Although once thought a detriment to housing values, (at least the folks opposed always thought that),  my on-the-ground-experience has proven that rail trails increase property values.

I specialize in the sale of houses next to rail trails, parks, greenways, and other conservation lands. All the folks I met over the years who were opposed to the idea of a trail coming into their neighborhood thought such a thing would certainly devalue their homes. I purposefully became a Realtor with this special niche to prove them wrong. And I have.


In fact, the National Association of Realtors recently awarded me their National Evergreen Award for not only being the first Realtor with this special niche, but for my advocacy in this realm for the past 25+ years.


Here is a special deal for readers of my E-newsletter. If you have a home close to or better yet, even next to an open or proposed rail trail in Massachusetts, I would love to chat with you about selling your house near a trail.  Or if you are in the market buy a home near a rail trail we can help there too.  Click on the proper link below to be taken to right page. 

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