More bits of odd RR History  --around our house

Birds Eye SMTI Map.jpg
narrow RoW infographic.jpg
Back in the late 1800s there was a popular form of maps called "Birds Eye View.

This one shows a train going by our house.
1873 Map w Ranney called out 2.jpg
Left shows our house in RED and the other 8 in BLUE built by the Florence Sewing Machine Factory for their department heads
Why did the RR go away and what kind of traffic was seen in the final days.  

Last customers on the Williamsburg Branch

Title Customer List 1960.jpg

28 page report about the proposed abandonment

NH RR Study of Abandonment Flo to Wburg cover page.jpg

4 page Exec. Summary for internal discussions

Summary of Study to Adandon Wmsbg Branch cover.jpg

33 mg hi-res map

This is a 1922 map of the New Haven RR at its largest extent.  

1922 NH RR map.jpg